Advantages of This Property:

Location in a peaceful environment.

Ready to begin taking in residents right away. It needs very little to get going and house up to 40 people.

A Private drive and acres of land naturally restrict access.

Fully Functional It has a functioning security system, plumbing, utilities, commercial kitchen, commercial laundering facility, and a guard house.

Room to Grow It has more than enough land to build additional housing.

On-Property Help It has a detached house for a host family to live in and provide assistance.

Self-sustaining It has space for a workshop to build and repair furniture to sell in the thrift store.

Long-term Solutions for Survivors:

A safe place to live

Classes for emotional healing and spiritual growth


Life skills and relationship education

Career training/ job placement

Support and care for child survivors

Resolution to medical and legal issues

Assist survivors with any other obstacles which prevent a healthy future

Making it Work Together

You Are the Difference

Give Hope. Give Help.

Love spelled with hands

Get involved.

We're doing everything we can to make hope a reality for survivors. But, we can't do it without your help.

Yes, the people that can write a check and fund the whole project are out there (and we're asking). But, they need to see that our community has the support to sustain it.

Join our foundation with your most generous monthly gift and help us break the cycle.